Thursday, May 31, 2007


Today,we have no class because Madam Iman has no car this I go to the library to do longman.After Iarrived to the library..I feel frust ptsl lab cannot open at 8.30 am.. on friday .....uhh..uhh...

k..friends....see you all on monday at ptsl lab...Assalamualaikum........

Assalamualaikum........Azyyati ( A103995)

Last week,I learned about tigers and gorillas for sale online.In my opinion,we cannot sale this animal online with manner illegal because it is under control government.Although this animal were dangerous,we cannot kill it without control........
how about you?


hello everybody..have a nice day to you about your life in third sem?i'm very mis to my today i want to go back to my about you all?whatever i hope you all enjoy your life beside your friend..for me..when we stay at hostel..friends is very important to everyone,they can help you for everything,as long as,they like as a second family to us so.......appreaciate your friend


salam...hai everyone... i'm looking a way for creat another page for this blog, but i don't found how to make it... em... mebi you can find it too.. if we know how to make it, we can talk other title in our blog... then, madam also said, we can make chatting place in our blog...but it doesn't working... it sounds interesting, right? everything we can do in our blog...

em... today i had access about learning english good... but i juz looking for a moment... i will try to explore it as much as possible... let's do it... k, that all for today...salam... friendsss...........Sakinah very busy for me...hehee...i'm going about you all..finish answer question?..don't give no classs...madam..tomorrow i cannot come to class..i have a program..i'm so sorry..but i have a letter to show my reason why i absent to class..i give to Nadirah..tomorrow she can give Nadirah..Thanksss...
ok...for you all...chaoiyokkk..;)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

hi~hidayah razali

assalamualaikum...i need help from all of we can to create new topic in our blog.?please...:p


Norhananni Nordin (A109255)

Hai girls...
What are you doing now..huu..I try very hard to open this blog..huu..internet always serve down..Emm..I'm fell very happy and enjoy with our we discuss about drama..I think our classmate give more attention and work hard to become among the best..haa..OK..I will continue this message day after day..huu..bye

Assalamualaikum...- nazraton-

Hello my friend and my madam .... how are you today? i hope you all fine and happy always. What are you doing now? sleeping or study in english. I hope you all study in english.he..he..

First class, i'm a verry happy enjoy that activities. My madam is a very ok, cute person and more give advice to our class for good in english. I'm get more knowledge and can to improve my comunicate skill. I think after english class, i more better than good in english. Ok, see you later.bye..

Monday, May 28, 2007

first day in the lab (a 105675 ) Atikah

assalamualaikum.... hello my friends and my lovely teacher medam iman...
how are u today...
today im going to the library because to answer the question in longman but server not found so i'm very blur...ok babaiiiiiii...........

first day in the lab

assalamualaikum.... hello my friends and my lovely teacher medam iman...
how are u today...
today im going to the library because to answer the question in longman but server not found so i'm waiting..ok babaiiiiiii...........

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nur Azyyati Bt Che Seman ( A103995)

Today I go to the library becauce to do the longman.I do this longman twice because when I go to the library .......many people......I cannot do it..I feel sad....How are you feel when do the longman?

k........I were go now......See you later.........

Nur Azyyati Bt Che Seman ( A103995 )

Assalamualaikum..........How are you all today?I hope you all fine and Allah blessing you all..
First day in English class,I feel nervous and feal because existed learning English.I await who is teach we all .And then 15 minute later,my teacher who is cute and beautiful woman was coming in the class.Her name is Wan Iman Bt Wan Salim.After that she introduce herself.

And then,teacher Wan Iman give we all to answer the test paper.I feel difficult because the answer is confuse.How are you all feel..........?

After we finished answer the test paper,teacher Wan Iman was explanation to we all about course briefing,introduction to class blog.

Second day..,We have Ice breaking activity.We apportion in small groups.With this activity,I can know what favourite my friend in class and make tinghter linkage.

After that...We all reading article in the book..Reading activity can improve my knowledge in english and I can speak here with accurate anything word with instruction teacher Wan Iman.

Teacher Wan Iman was teaching we all about vacabulary.I feel delight because matter is ground and I know it before learning in the class.

Third day...We cause to be speaking activity.We all apportion in small group.Firstly,we have session dialogue with group.And then.....each person in the group must introduce their family and present in class.With this activity I know about their background.

Next day...We cause to be Language Camp Briefing.We apportion in two group and each group must draw the zoo plan and location animals in their zoo.Each person must choice one animal and present it in the class and tell about why they choose it animal... In this activity I feel delight and enjoy it......

The last activity........We do test the mind..I feel this activity is challenge to do something and interesting.I like this activity because it can test the mind and make tighter linkage in the group and class...........

i'm forgot something...hidayah razali~

for our drama is hansel and gretel.,,...i get the story in the internet..but..i am stil not 'puas hati'...erm...sorry...can all of you ask me about the word "puas hati" in english?...thanks..

hi girls!...noorhidayah razali~

see again...tomorrow, i'll go to the library again....syy...don't ask to another student...heheheh...i'm lazy to "crouded" with them again...huhuhu...

Sakinah Yaacob

Assalamualaikum...hello my friends teacher..madam iman..i don't no to say today..but i hope we are happy together...k..bye2

assalamualaikum....noorhidayah binti razali-A109334

Today, I go to the library to answer the question in Longman.But my pc has a problem..huhuhu...jam..I just finished A.1 only...huhuhu...very much of student...


hai frend!!
erm...i want to share with u all...
today i go to the library tun sri lanang to continue my work (longman activity) arrived at the sri lanang library, im very shock that more student having there for making longman activty too...we need to queue up for enter the cyber. im very scare and sad because i have got to enter the cyber untill more of student crush and push me out...huhuhu..however alhamdulillah i get to enter the about u frend?....
i hope this happened not occur to u frend...huhuhu...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hi...assalamualaikum....FyDaH =).....(A 105854)

first of all thanks to my lovely teacher, madam iman...i'm very happy study in your class becoz you are very kind, friendly, sporting and so beautiful..nice to meet you...i hope i can improve my english during this sem...first of the day when the class start, i'm very scared becoz i know i'm not so good in english...but when i join this class, i have some feel confident to improve my english to come well...i hope madam can help me..=(also for all my friend, i hope so...i always enjoy with this class...always happy u know...but sometimes i feel so sad and scared if i can't settled my work perfect.....i think thats all for tonight...i hope i will see you all again...bye....

MAS (A 109711)

assalamualaikum.....hi girlz...
i'm mas, hope you all know me!hehehe......first of all, i'm happy to meet my teacher, madam iman becoz she is very kind and very understanding...nice to meet you...i'm very happy in this group which is all members in this set are, i'm not shy to speak english becoz i know my english languange is broken..=(..
i'm so happy all my friend know and always cooperate with me...thanks to you all.... sometimes i'm feel sad becoz i have a problems with myself to study.. i hope all of my lovely friend understand with me...thats all for tonight...see you again...byebye...=)


Salam everyone.. hei where are you my friends? it so quite in here.. come on...join us..
yesterday we are discuss about drama...i hope we will work together.. if you have some problems or something you don't agree, i hope we can discuss about it.. we are in a group, right? so, let talk.

i like an activity in our course in foundation english..but sometime, i feel hard. but, i always try to solve my problem slowly. such as to answer question in logman programme. i dont say it a problem, but the situation make me feel unhappy.. i must go ptsl by bus and sometime there are no bus. then i have to wait for long time to book my pc. oh... so tired.. guys, can u give some advise or opinion? i dont know if you are feel and face the situation such as what happen to me, because i think i'm not very patient person.hehe.. and sometime i'm blurr and confuss, so it give some stress to me.


Friday, May 25, 2007

salam... -eiliey

firstly..i would like to say that im very enjoyed this class. exspecialy to my madam...she's so beutiful huhu and friendly...i like her....and i hope all my fren in this group can enjoy and hepy in our blog. dont remember to send ur post...ok!! hehehhee.. everybody...sYaZaNa

hi...i'm syazana..nice to meet you all. I'm very enjoy with this class coz my madam is very funny. Firstly, when I saw madam..i'm very shocked. I'm remember she is a new student who want to join this group...but i'm wrong....she is my madam for foundation english class..she look very young and cute person..i'm also very happy in this class coz i can learn something new from my madam and my friend..besides co ordinator class,nadirah is a very good person,she very responbility girl. I know my english is broken ...I hope one day i can speak english is very well like madam iman..

assalamualaikum...hi girls~(noorhidayah binti razali A109334)

Nice to meet all of , i very happy because i can to being a student in the class with Madam Iman...Thanks a lot madam!.. I would like to say about our class today... we got the crews for our drama and I become to be a script writer... Firstly I want to apologized if my job is not perfect. I'll try my best!!... For Madam Iman...I need your help at sometime...sorry because i'm late to view our blog..bye~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007




Hai my dear friends!!!!

Happy with our group? i tell u that u must be happy .hehehe... fuh... i enjoy with my group. now i always try to speak english. i feel so ashmed when speak in this language because i know that i'm not the best one to talk in english... but i want always learn about it.i have no skill in anything either in writing, listening, and the others. you know friends, i like to read an english book. i dont know why because i dont like to read it before. but, after i try to read the easy book in english languange, i'm very like it. i really want to read it as much as possible. so, i suggest you, if you dont like to read an english book, you should try to read the easy first. so you will so happy when you understand it. so, u will try to read the harder then insyaallah you will be better then. i hope so because i'm still try to make it real. so ourself... k, i think that all. and thanks to my madam, wan iman. she always give me some spirit to be the best in english..and all of u friends... salam..

hi..hi..bye..bye {..A103984..}

hi..where another friends in 14's group???

hi..i'm coming again~~ =p ~Rosmani~ my beloved madame and all of my lovely friend..~~
first of all, thanks to ALLAH because give me change to learn english..
Thanks a lot too to very cute madame, because teach me and my freinds with a good style..=p.. also to all of my friends..i love english, love our 14 group's and of course love our madame..she looked very cute..i'm assume that her daughter very cute too..hee =p ~~
i'm not good in english before..but i'm also try to improve my langguage to be better..i like english. But maybe before this, i have not enough time to learn and study smart in english..i will use this time in third semester to learn english to make my skill be better than before..insyALLAH..
i know my langguage so bad..hehe..but i'll try my best to improve my skill..
i think that all from me for be continue next time..
see you..(^o^)
{..May wE aLwaYS pEaCE iN ALLAH's lOve..}

Monday, May 21, 2007


Hello my teacher WAN IMAN BTE WAN SALIM and my fellow friends..i hope you all happy and enjoy study english in the class.see you again.take care..